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About Us

Our Story

InHome Artist is a newborn business that was inspired by arts and crafts. It started when I bought my first house. I love decorating things, so a whole house was very exciting! But with two kids, there wasn't a lot of time to go out shopping and look through stores. So I started making my own decor at home, painting and building items that suited my own style. I decorated my home in an easy, fun, and affordable way. Eventually, I wanted to spread my passion with others and decided to make my own store. So welcome to InHome Artist, a place born out of hope, passion and dreams. 


My Story

Hi! I am am evolving artist who likes to learn new tips and techniques every day. Even as a child, I knew that art was my passion. Constantly doodling on empty pages, sketching images from my class textbooks, and even little designs with chalk on the road. So, naturally I have grown up and still do these things. I hoped to make a career out of it, and I'm doing it piece by piece everyday. Thank you for supporting my dreams!