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Patterned Triangle Vinyl Wall Stickers


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Patterned Triangle Vinyl Wall Stickers, Geometric Wall Decals, Nursery Wall Stickers, Baby Room Decor

Vinyl triangles are a perfect way to decorate any playroom, bedroom, or office space in a hurry. The simple shape and size of each triangle afford a stylish look without an overpowering effect on the rest of your decor. With these vinyl triangles, you have the power to control the spacing and orientation of each star–make your own unique pattern and show it off to your friends and family to adore.


About the Decal


Each color available has a beautiful matt finish which reduces any excess glare.

See the last preview image for available colors. The triangles are not to the scale in preview images.

Every triangle is 2 inches in width and comes on a sheet of 24. Simply cut out each one to place however you'd like. Fun for the little ones to help with too!

The vinyl used will stick onto any smooth, flat, clean, and dry non-porous surfaces such as walls, windows, tiles, and laptops.


Please allow at least 21 days before applying onto a freshly painted wall.





+ Triangle wall decal set

+ Installation instructions

+ Test sticker


Please note


I use Oracal 631 vinyl, which is specifically made to adhere to most indoor wall types/textures without damaging the wall upon removal. However, please keep in mind we are unable to guarantee any part of the decal installation/removal process. If you are worried about the decal's ability to adhere to your wall type, or if you want to make sure these decals won't damage your wall upon removal, we highly recommend applying a test decal prior to installation.

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